Shrine of the Fallen (Feat. Dagey and Shoujo Genesis)

from by littletinysounds



Lyrics and Vocals: Dagey Bape God and Shoujo Genesis
Mixing Assistance: Dagey Bape God


Verse 1 (Shoujo Genesis)

Baby face, baby voice young baby shoujo
Dropping weeb references hella apropos fuck
With your aesthetic the verse is pro bono, I'm
Charitable but crack heads I'm Cronus, as-
Cent exponential so I'll never plateau
Chuunibyou shinobi I lurk in the shadows,
Eyepatch and mask like I'm rikka-chan, bust out the steampunk and drop the extent of my ammo

Need me one like takanashi I'm spitting at hella dark flame dragon level, i deal with the devil I shatter synapses and slash through the threshold, sad boys been the dress code inflexible

My whole war-drobe straight Russian gymnast Im flexible,
Stacks straight Immeasurable
My beauty ineffable

Touching pantsu like a shady obstetrician, ita-
Dakimasu harem dietician, bumping
Lowbrow art I'm an anti-patrician, blessed
Father Shoujo offers no contrition

Rites of confession rendered insignificant
I sense your lack of remorse, I'm omnipotent,
Flexing benjamins
Yung Shoujo tsundere, I'm indifferent

Verse 2 (Dagey Bape God):

Rap game NJP Dage-J Styles
The finest styles from the JP isles
Walking down the aisle like it’s a wedding
All this money on me I just call it breading

Bout to blaze up this exotic setting (x3)
Bitch it’s Dage on the track in case you were forgetting

Cus Dagey international like my name Hetalia
Cult of personality like Shoko Asahara
Akihabara I fucked her in the car raw
Blowing this glass like my name be Gaara
On fire
Bitch please retire
Dagey Bape God shark face attire
Heart on my sleeve like it’s CDG
Pure body smoke that green tea
Make em’ Pocari Sweat bitch overseas
On my shoujo drop a couple G’s
Dage mr. Boku No Fleeku
No toast in my mouth on time to meet you
Crew roll like bosozoku
But instead of that vroom
Our bass goes boom
Focus camera zoom when we enter the room
Choppers on deck make this shrine your tomb




all rights reserved


littletinysounds Boston, Massachusetts

Kabukichō you are beautiful with your bright lights illuminating the dark world below you, never change.

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